Good evening! Since the release of Beta 1, I’ve been hard at work building the next version of OSP. One of the major themes of this version is cleaning up some of the issues from Beta 1 and adding some polish to the system. As part of that polishing, we will be including a new Default UI. This UI aims to be much simpler and clean.

In addition, I’ve included a few concept pictures of what the Video Player and Live Channel Pages will look like:

While the final result may not look exactly like the above pictures, it is representative of the direction I am heading with the design.

This rework will also simplify the templates making it easier for other to build their own themes.

Finally, I had added a few additional changes, which include the following:

  • Added the option to not require email validation on new users
  • Added the ability to change the Top Header Icon to your own custom image
  • Added the ability to move a recorded video from one channel to another

This is not a comprehensive list and there will be additional features to come with Beta 2.