Open Streaming Platform – What’s Coming with Beta 1

Good evening!

While I know I have been pretty silent here on the blog, between life and work I have been busy jamming away on OSP’s Beta 1 release.

Here is a preview of some of the things coming, based on the feedback of the issue contributors on Gitlab.

Server and Channel Viewing Statistics

Many have asked for a method to see over time how they can see viewing trends for their videos and live streams. With Beta 1, basic server wide and channel wide stats will now be available for you to see when people have viewed your server or your channels.

Admin Server Stats
Per Channel Viewing Stats

Updated Admin Interface to Work Better on Mobile

As you can probably see in the last feature, the Admin Interface has been updated to better handle being managed or viewed on a Mobile Phone or Tablet

Adaptive Streaming

Some work has been done behind the scenes to finally allow for adaptive streaming. Adaptive streaming allows users who have lower bandwidth than the live streaming quality to be able to view the stream. Server Administrators can enable Adaptive Streaming for their entire sites. Streams will be transcoded to allow for videos to be watched at 1080p, 720p, or 480p. However, this will cause a high cpu load and for instances of OSP that are running on slower hardware or cheap VPS’s, it is recommended to leave Adaptive Streaming off.

Redesigned User Channel Page and Chat Themes

The user channel page has been to work with mobile devices as well. Furthermore, we have incorporated the ability to have different chat themes (Backgrounds, Animations, and Text Colors). These themes can be set on a per-channel basis so each can be unique.

Channel Descriptions, Video Descriptions, and Comments

With Beta 1, we are adding the ability to set a description on a per channel and per Recorded video basis. Also, recorded videos can now have comments added to them by users. The ability to enable comments can set on the entire OSP instance and on a per video basis. In addition, channel owners and admins can moderate comments.

Long Video Descriptions
Recorded Video Comments

Server Wide Theme Support

Beta 1 will be the first version to support full user custom themes. With the release of Beta 1, we will include a base theme template that will act as a base for themes you can customize and run on your own site.

More to Come!

OSP Beta 1 is not finished yet and there will still be a few more features to come before release:

  • Event Hooks: Perform an outbound webhook api call on Live Stream Start/End and other events
  • Upvoting of Video Comments
  • Password / Authorized User Only viewing of channel videos and streams

Thank you to everyone who have supported the OSP project and I encourage everyone to try out the Development build and provide feedback and suggestions. In addition, we now have a Discord channel available and a Subreddit to find others running OSP or if you need any assistance setting up or running the system. Finally, I also have been slowly working on an official website for OSP at If you would like to support the project, I am always looking for someone to assist in the site development or contributing to the OSP project.

Thanks again!

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