Good Afternoon!

More work has been done on the platform.  I’ve been cleaning up the interface some and adding a few options for those who want to use the system in certain circumstances.

  • You can now change whether other users can register.
  • You can now disable recording across the platform and only allow streaming.
  • The platform now has an initial setup process to configure the required system variables.

There are more plans to add additional features such as allowing users to register but not record or stream, allow for selective recording and streaming on a per user interface, and a few others before I am ready for the alpha release.

So far, my Open Streamer Platform is coming together.  I have been working on it, on and off, for about 2 months.  Originally, I needed the system for a future project at work, but I decided instead to work on it in my off-time so I can open source it.

Essentially, I use NginX and the NginX RTMP Plugin for the streaming and recording, while using Flask for the front-end and stream key security.

In its current state, the platform will accept an RTMP stream from something such as OBS, and display it live online with chat.  Furthermore, it will also allow to save the stream for later playback.  Still quite a bit of work to be done, but so far so good.